Ticket prices
Several tickets are available for Haltpop 2021.
On 27 January 2020 Early Bird ticket sales start. Early Bird tickets are available for a limited time and a reduced price.
On 28 March 2020 Regular ticket sales start.

For the first festival day tickets are available for €5,00.
For the second festival day tickets are available for €10,00 (Early Bird), €14,00 (Regular) and €18,00 (Door).
Do you want to enjoy Haltpop on both days? Combi tickets are available for €12,00 (Early Bird), €16,00 (Regular) and €20,00 (Door).

Tickets purchased initially for Haltpop 2020 are valid for the 2021 edition. No extra action is needed to guarantee the validity of these tickets.

Selling points
Once ticket sales have started, tickets can be purchased exclusively from, or using the links on the official Haltpop facebook pages. Presale of tickets for day 1 end at 16 July 2021 at 23:59, Presale of tickets for day 2 end at 17 July 2021 at 23.59. Ticket sales end automatically once tickets are sold out. At 17 and 18 July 2021 tickets can, if still available, also be purchased at the entrance of the festival.

Haltpop thinks that (visiting) art and culture should be stimulated in young children. Accordingly, children under the age of twelve are allowed to visit the festival for free. However, due to safety reasons, Haltpop advises not to let children under the age of twelve visit the festival without an adult guardian.

Accesability for disabled visitors
Haltpop is a festival for everyone and will do their best to make the festival as wheelchair accesible as possible. No special tickets are needed.

Excess tickets
Unused tickets - for any reason whatsoever - are not refunded by Haltpop.

Lost tickets
Lost tickets are not refunded or replaced by Haltpop. New tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance of the festival.

Didn't receive your online tickets?
When experiencing any problems buying online tickets you can send an e-mail to

Tickets and wristbands
When purchasing a ticket online, you will receive an e-mail containing an e-ticket. After scanning the e-ticket at the entrance of the festival it cannot be used again and is exchanged for a wristband. Wearing the wristband allows you to leave and re-enter the festival. Haltpop continuously monitors the amount of people at the festival and reserves the right not to allow visitors to re-enter the festival after leaving.
Visitors aged 18 and over can collect a special 18+ wristband at the entrance, token counter or bars. Wearing this wristband you do not have to show your identification every time when buying alcoholic drinks; the wristband suffices.
Haltpop employees are allowed, irrespective of their motivation, to request visitors to show their identification and/or wristband.

Opening hours
The festival is open at 17 and 18 July 2021 from 14:00 until 23:00.
During the set-up of the festival in the days before the grounds are closed due to safety reasons. It is not possible to enter the grounds and detours are indicated by signs.
After the festival and break-down, the grounds are accessible again when Haltpop can guarantee everyone's safety.

Allowed at Haltpop

  • Small bags or backpacks
  • Blanket to sit on
  • Ponchos or raincoats
  • Simple cameras
  • Sunblock - Factor 30 or higher is advised
  • Strollers or buggies

Not allowed at Haltpop

  • Glass, cans, or other food or drink containers - Haltpop will make sure there are enough drinks and bites for everyone.
  • Drugs or other mind-expandig substances.
  • Nitrous oxide cartridges and -balloons
  • Poisonous, flammable or chemical substances
  • Explosives and/or fireworks
  • Large backpacks
  • Needles
  • Laser pens
  • Spray cans (except deodorant and sunblock)
  • Weapons

Calamities and emergency sevices
In case of emergencies, selected Haltpop employees are put in charge to guarantee a safe situation for everyone at the festival. During the event Haltpop is in constant contact with emergency services.

All horeca outlets accept payments by the use of tokens only. Tokens can be purchased at a special counter at the festival and can be payed for by card or cash. Tokens purchased at Haltpop 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 can also be redeemed.

Food and drinks
The bar at the festival serves beer, wine, water and a variety of soft drinks. At the "Brewdog on Tour" bar a number of special beers are available.

Haltpop takes strict precautions to prevent visitors under the age of 18 from buying and/or drinking alcoholic beverages. Strong spirits are not allowed at the festival.
When temperatures are extremely high, free drinking water will be provided.
Our catering partners serve delicious vegetarian and vegan food, which almost makes you forget that no meat and/or animal products are used.

Merchandise is available at Haltpop.

Lost and found
The lost and found is located at the token counter.

House rules
Haltpop has formulated a number of basic house rules for everyone at the festival. These house rules are available here or can be downloaded as a pdf file..

1. These house rules apply to all visitors of the Haltpop festival grounds. By entering the grounds you agree with the terms and conditions of Stichting Haltpop.

2. By entering the festival grounds you agree that photographic materials featuring your image made during the festival may be used by Haltpop for promotional means or may be published in any other way.

3. Always follow instructions from Haltpop employees.

4. Entrance to the festival grounds is only possible by showing a valid ticket or wrist band. Wrist bands are strictly personal. When your ticket or wrist band has been lost, you can purchase a new one at the entrance to the festival.

5. Visitors are obliged to show a valid identification card when requested by a Haltpop employee.

6. No alcohol is provided to visitors under age 18. 18+ wrist bands are handed out by Haltpop employees to visitors over the age of 18.

7. Tin and glass containers are not allowed on the festival grounds. Contents of these can be transferred to cups at the entrance.

8. Drugs are not allowed at the festival grounds. Nitrous oxide cartridges and -balloons are also not allowed.

9. Everyday values are in effect at Haltpop. Threatening, violence, discrimination and (sexual) intimidation, both verbally and non- verbally, are not tolerated at the festival.

10.When violating one or several of these house rules Haltpop is allowed to deny (further) access to the festival without refunding costs in any way.

11.Enjoying yourself is mandatory. Have fun at Haltpop!

Lockers and luggage
Because of safety reasons, Haltpop has the right not to allow large items of luggage at the festival. In case of doubt the decision of the Haltpop employees at the entrance is decisive. Lockers, or another form of storage, are not available at the festival.

Hearing protection
Haltpop thinks it is important for everyone to be able to listen to music in a safe way. Ear plugs can be purchased at the token counter.

Smoking is allowed at the festival, as long as it does not cause any inconvenience for other visitors. Cigarettes are not for sale at Haltpop.

By bike
Travelling by bike is an ideal way to visit Haltpop. The scenery on the bicycle route is lovely and apart from that, cycling is good for your health and the environment. Haltpop will make sure there is plenty of room to safely put away your bike.

By public transport
Public transport is another good way to reach Haltpop. Public transport companies "NS" and "Connexxion" provides perfect connections in the Zaanstreek.

By car
Ofcourse it is also possible to travel to Haltpop by car. Haltpop strongly requests all visitors who travel by car to carpool as much as possible and to respect the peace in the Zaanstreek: Drive safely and only park at designated parking spots.
Apart from that, Haltpop strongly advises to drive responsibly: do not drink and drive!
No special parking spots or kiss & ride area are available at Haltpop. When parking, or picking up people, please select a safe and silent spot and make sure traffic can go on in its usual way.

What does Haltpop do for the environment?
Haltpop cares about the environment and durability. In the process of planning Haltpop takes a number of measures in order to be as durable as possible.

  • Start helping the environment yourself! Haltpop encourages visitors to travel to the festival by bike or public transport.
  • The production is as environmentally friendly as possible. Power supply units are only running when needed and water is barely used.
  • Our cateringpartners, serve delicious vegetarian and vegan food - environmentally friendly because no meat (or animal products) are used.
  • Haltpop closely monitors the (expected) number of visitors at the festival in order to adjust stock. No food and drinks go to waste because of fitting stocks.
  • All food and drinks are served in either re-usable hard plastic cups or 100% biologically degradable disposables. All waste generated at the festival is sorted out and recycled as much as possible.
  • A number of volunteers works specifically on cleaning up the festival and sorting out waste. Help them a little bit and throw your waste in the waste bins.
  • Our decoration team uses a lot of old wood and other unused materials when creating decorations for the festival.

At Haltpop we do our best to contribute to a better environment. Will you help us?