Just like the weather, organising events is changeable at the moment. Because of this we bring you good and slightly less good news.

Like we usually do in the Netherlands we start off with the bad news: unfortunately we need to cancel the event this summer. We are trying to reschedule all international acts towards the summer of 2022. Ticket buyers for the 2020 / 2021 edition will receive a mail from us/Eventix about the tickets: in this message we offer a refund with the possibility to (partly) donate the ticket fee to Haltpop - a donation we would ofcourse welcome to make the 2022 editions as big a success as possible. Until June 30th there is a possibility to donate (part of) the ticket fee. When you do nothing the tickets are automatically refunded and the full fee will be put back in the bank account used for the purchase of the tickets.

BUUUUUUUT there's also good news to share! 2022 is WAY to far away, so we decided to organise THREE (3) indoor events in (coming) December. This means: Three times a mosh pit, three times toasting, skanking three times... and how we are looking forward to it! More information will follow soon, make sure to check our socials! News will follow soon!